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BOOKLinx is an international online marketplace for books, arts and more. We not only stock our store with the best, but we also do our best to keep our prices competitive for buyers around the global.

  • As a member of BOOKLinx, you sell, ship, and earn!

  •  BOOKLinx members get a 10% referral commission.

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Why choose BOOKLinx?​

  1. Sell online globally, connecting you with millions of new potential customers.

  2. Earn monthly referral residual.

  3. Potentially get an MVA(Most Valuable Author) Bonus check.

  4. Get FREE Podcast Interviews 

  5. Exclusive perks once a year

  6. Get a MAP(Members Accountability Partner) 

What will it cost to be a Member of BOOKLinx?

BOOKLinx members pay a monthly fee of $25 that will allow you to list up to 25 items. Rates will increase depending on how many listings you upload.

For all credit card sales through, a merchant fee of 3.5% will be deducted from the order amount.

When will I Members get Paid?

Members are paid weekly bases on the previous month's sales. Payment is sent Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) direct deposit to the member's bank account or PayPal each month when you have sales.
Members commission is paid on the third Friday of each month.
MVA Bonuses are paid monthly on the 7th of each month.


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How is Inventory Listing & Referrals is Managed?

BOOKLinx provides reports on a bi-weekly schedule of referral and sales stats. You can also manage your listing with thirds party management systems or custom spreadsheets. If you have additional questions about inventory management options, you can contact us at 1-833-436-5483.

Are you ready to join the BOOKLinx Club of Authors? 

Things needed before joining.

  • Your contact information, including the name of your business, a phone number, address, and an email address

  • Book description and artwork

  • Your credit card (for membership fees)

  • Printed Books available for shipment

  • If applicable, referral codes 

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