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Womanhood is a very beautiful and glorious experience, but its journey is not without challenges. Well, life itself is challenging. We must learn to embrace these challenges and beam our lights with vigor, elegance, and courage. 

While getting ready for adulthood, our bodies start developing in different areas, drawing unusual attention from all genders. At the heels of these changes are hormonal imbalances and adrenaline rush that tugs our emotions to give in to hormonal hunger, lust, and peer demands. We are under pressure to fulfill these ridiculous demands to be accepted and feel we belonged. 

Overcoming these pressures and finding your path launches you to a bigger phase in your destiny and sets you apart. The successful women making waves today in our world can attest to that. And the good news is that you can do it, just like them. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Transformation provides clarification to your confusion and anxiety. (Author's name) presents the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that transform a girl child into a woman based on science and reveals the societal, cultural, and spiritual factors that support compromising our values. Packed with surprising insight on why our bodies change and develop fondness towards the opposite sex, Transformation opens your eyes to the startling role of peer pressure, inferiority complex, and how they fear criticism can lead you to make the wrong decisions. 


With Lane Bird's unique art of storytelling, Transformation sets to boost your self-esteem and personal development. You can't miss it.

Transformation; The Young Girl Guide To Womanhood

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