Authors: Iris Delgado

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Christian Spiritual Warfare 

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Binding: Paperback

Publication Date:10/02/2012

Pages: 128

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She was spirit led to creating 365 Days of Affirmations for the Mind, Heart, & Spirit as a way to reach the masses and share her life story through affirmations that speak powerful volumes in what we as human beings feel on a daily basis but have a hard time expressing. This book is dedicated to those who don’t feel seen or heard and feel as if they aren’t enough. This book is dedicated to those who have endured pain and heartbreak and are still struggling to find a way to no longer be prisoners in their minds and are ready to break free. This book is a reminder that you are powerful, great, magnificent, spectacular, worthy, valuable, and that you are ENOUGH and then some!

Satan, You Can't Have My Miracle: A Spiritual Warfare Guide to Restore What the

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