Author: Denisecia Lee

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Self-Help, Religion, Non-fiction


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Binding: Hardcover

Publication Date: 05/26/22

Pages: 20

Dimensions: 8.00" wide x 10.00" 

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Language: English



A faith-based book that highlights daily struggles children encounter, such as low self-esteem, insecurity, and weariness. It illustrates how to apply the word of God when facing everyday battles." God Still Loves Me" is more than a book. It is the go-to guide for building self-confidence as a Christian for children. Also, the book encloses affirmations and journaling space for children to write and interact while reading.


 This book is A must-read for children, preteens, and teens to help cultivate their relationships with Christ while managing daily thoughts, patterns, feelings, and social interactions.



God Still Loves Me: 7 Daily Affirmations & Prayers for Children

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