ISBN- 978-057887866

Authors: Cissy Jones 

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 Sibling Relationships (Books)

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Binding: Paperback

Publication Date:06/17/2021

Pages: 196

Dimensions 6 x 0.45 x 9 inches

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Language: English



Finding My Way Back To Me is written by the author during Covid’s sobering self-consciousness period. Cissy Jones gets up close and personal with herself and discovers she’s living a KN95’d life and self-prioritization was not part of it. This revelation forces her to sort through her life’s litter and identify her past pain in absolute Cissy style. She creatively fuses old and new school R&B with rap and gospel lyrics, while analogizing the garbage recycling process to convey her transition from self-depreciation to purpose.

This is a book about all the litter, garbage, and dumpster containers of stuff we have allowed into our lives that have taken priority over our own needs and well-being, So if you are ready for an exodus from all that is stinking up your life, this book is that clean-up crew for you. Let it guide you to revisit what initially triggered you to NOT prioritize yourself. It will also help you self-discover how, when, and why you still struggle with a "non-priority cycle issue." Once done, you will be invited to join a league where you can truly soar!!!!!



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