Fees &  Payments

A monthly membership fee based on the average number of items listed for sale in the previous month.

BOOKLinx Monthly Membership Fees 

Membership fees are billed to your BOOKLinx account on the 7th of every month. Membership is based on your average listing count for the previous month. For example, your subscription fee for March will be based on your average listing count for February, then applied to your account. If fees due past ten days, the listing will be displayed "Temporary out of stock" until the balance is cleared.

A new author's activated mid-month accounts will be charged a pro-rated subscription fee for the days the account is active, even if they do not list items immediately. We encourage authors to have inventory ready for upload when their account is activated. All Active accounts are charged a subscription fee even if your inventory count is zero.

BOOKLinx Monthly MVA Bonus

An MVA(Most Valuable Author) Bonus check is paid out based on average referrals accumulated during the previous monthly report. There is no limit to the number of referrals. There will be a minimum of two MVA selected per month; however, the number can change based on membership growth. Membership over 100 members MVA Bonus will be split between the MVA'S.

For example: if Jessica, an active member, referred the most people within the monthly report. Jessica will receive a $10% commission check off each member of BOOKLinx. 

Chart breakdown based on average membership of basic $25.

Inactive members are not qualified for MVA Bonus even if referrals were processed. Our bonuses are processed on the third Friday of every month. Should any amount that you owe BOOKLinx unpaid before payout, we will deduct the difference.

BOOKLinx pays bonuses by electronic fund transfer (EFT), PayPal, or membership visa.

A sales and referral report will be generated bi-weekly sent via email to all members. The payments that are transferred to member banks will be deposited based on their banks. Payments less than $20 are issued through Paypal, cash app Only.

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