Frequently asked


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How much does it cost to sell on BOOKLinx?

It's a low monthly subscription fee, calculated based on the number of items you list with BOOKLinx.

How do I track my listing?

You have two ways to manage your inventory.

  1. Third- party inventory management systems
  2. Custom Spreadsheet

How do I ship sales to customers?

On BOOKLinx, you will receive paid shipping postage via email 24 hours after the order is received. Our unique ways to shipped are as follows.

  1. We ship directly to the customer(Book must be in BOOKLinx inventory)
  2. You ship directly to the customer( print the label and drop it off at USPS Store)
  3. USPS Schedule pickup( we schedule pick up directly from your house to be ship to a customer.)

Why should I become a member of BOOKLinx?

When you sell books online with BOOKLinx, you do more than just selling and shipping. You get PAID several ways and reach new online exposure. BOOKLinx gives you the ability to sell all types of books, new or old online. You can also take advantage of cross-channel exchange.
As a member of BOOKLinx, you can offer specials to customers at your discretion. You will be regaining independence on a whole new online presence. Sign up today!

How does BOOKLinx pay me?

All members are paid monthly based on number of books sold via electronic funds, paypal or membership debit.Click here to find out more about how we pay you on commission,and MVA Bonuses.

What information do I need to become a Member?

You will need the following information to complete the member application:

  1. Your contact information including the name of your business, a phone number, an address, and an email address.
  2. Your book QR CODE (optional)
  3. Your bank information (to receive payments, optional)
  4. A description of your book you will offer.
  5. Proof of book on hand.

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